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Robbery is a type of theft distinguished by the use of force, intimidation, and/or violence to seize someone elses property. Armed robbery refers to a robbery that involves the use of a weapon, a replica of a weapon or the pretense of having a weapon.


Armed Robbery and Theft Legal Defense

An armed robbery charge is one of the most serious charges an individual can face and may be filed in conjunction with illegal possession and/or assault with a deadly weapon charges.
Robbery typically refers to the act of taking property away from another person by the use of force or the threat of force. The average prison sentence for robbery is significantly longer than that for burglary because of the comparative risk and trauma to the victims.

Charges of theft or armed robbery should always be taken seriously since the consequences of a conviction are so severe. Long term loss of freedom, permanent criminal record, and probation are just a few of the many penalties associated with theft and armed robbery charges. Because of the often violent nature of such crimes, prosecutors are notoriously aggressive in their attempts to secure convictions in theft or armed robbery cases.

Many robberies involve the use of weapons which makes the robbery a more serious crime, and is considered an aggravating factor for sentencing.

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Theft and Larceny:

Theft and larceny encompass a wide range of criminal activity such as shoplifting, the actual theft that takes place during a burglary or robbery, or virtually any non-consensual taking of property from another person or business. Writing bad checks and certain types of fraud may also fall under the classification of theft.
Because the crimes in question are so varied the possible sentences vary widely as well. The average sentence for larceny and theft in the criminal system is just over two and a half years - almost exactly the same as the average sentence for burglary. The average sentences in state courts are somewhat lower.
The largest disparity occurs in the area of motor vehicle theft, where state court sentences average 18 months and federal court sentences nearly 11 years.There are many property crimes that involve the destruction of property rather than theft or intrusion, with arson being considered the most serious of them in most jurisdictions.

The ranges of punishment for any theft allegation are based on the amount of loss or intended loss. For instance, shoplifting of less than $50 is a Class C Misdemeanor punishable by fine only. There is then a "Theft Ladder" that ratchets up to felonies as the amount of loss increases. Often, in these cases, the way the government calculates the amount of loss is a matter of contention. An experienced Criminal Defense attorney is necessary to investigate, evaluate and use the existing Law to mitigate or in some cases, eliminate these numbers.

While theft is the most common offense that falls under this category, there are many others. At Parnham and Associates, we have successfully defended a wide range of people accused of property crimes such as:

• Robbery
• Aggravated Robbery,
• Burglary of a Motor Vehicle,
• Burglary of a Building,
• Burglary of a Habitation,
• Burglary of a Coin Operated Machine,
• Forgery,
• Credit Card Abuse,
• Misapplication of Fiduciary Property
(see White Collar and Fraud section)
• Money Laundering
• Aggregate Theft
• Telecommunications crimes
• Arson,
• Insurance Fraud
• Welfare Fraud
• Medicaid Fraud

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